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About us

About us

BK Cypress Log Homes is a family owned and operated log home manufacturer located in historic Bronson, Florida.  We  specialize in custom-built log homes made exclusively from Tidewater Red Cypress, a wood that grows in the southern coastal wetlands.  The family of BK Cypress has been manufacturing since the 1930’s, which makes it the nation’s oldest Tidewater Red Cypress log home manufacturer and the only one that grade stamps its logs.

Buren Brice, the "B" in BK Cypress.

Buren Brice, the “B” in BK Cypress.

From the hard working crews at the sawmill to the home advisors, office personnel, and support staff, BK Cypress Log Homes’ employees are committed to providing exceptional customer service.  Our goal is to supply superior quality and lasting value in every log home we build.  With more than 80 years of experience in the Tidewater Red Cypress industry, the family of BK Cypress Log Homes is uniquely qualified to make your log home dream come true.

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Here at BK Cypress Log Homes we can supply all of your log home needs.  Our design department can create your dream log home, or we can take your existing log home plans and supply all of your cypress needs based on your plans.  We customize your log home package based on your wants and budget.  You can order the best logs money can buy.  This can range from our older growth cypress milled logs, to a fully exposed roof system completely made from cypress.  We start with our basic log home kit, which isn’t very basic, with Andersen windows included.  Then you tell us the type of roof system and what unique cypress design features you want to add, and we have your completely customized dream log home package.

We hope we can make your log home dream become a reality.  If you have the dream, then we can create the log home plans, put together a customized log home package, and make your vision come true while using the best logs money can buy.

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