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A great log home is built with the best wood. We feel there is no better wood than our premium Tidewater Red Cypress to build your dream home with.
*Red Cypress (coastal type) are the cypress trees grown in the deep swamps of the coastal plains of the Southeastern United States and along the Gulf of Mexico adjacent to tidewater and is the true species, Taxodium distichum.
*Although cypress is softwood, it has traditionally been grouped and manufactured with hardwoods because it grows alongside hardwoods. Cypress is graded by the rules of the National Hardwood Lumber Association and also the Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association.
Profile photo of our cypress "Settler" profile or "D" round/flat log

Profile photo of our cypress “Settler” profile or “D” round/flat log

*Southern Cypress is classified into three separate types:

-Red Cypress                            Coastal type
-Yellow Cypress                         Inland type
-White Cypress                          Inland type
*The inland type of cypress tree has gradually changed in characteristics and is probably more truly Taxodium adscendens. This inland cypress is lighter in color, contains more sapwood, has courser texture and is not as durable as the Red Cypress.
*Tidewater Red Cypress heartwood is resistant to termite attack.  Structures 300 years old have been immune to termite attack while adjoining timbers of other species were destroyed by termites or rot.
*Tidewater Red Cypress is an oil base wood, impregnated with cypressene, a natural preservative manufactured during the growth of cypress preventing the development of decay causing fungi.  Nature has done for Tidewater Red Cypress what man tries to do when he attempts to force preservatives into wood to prevent decay.
Cypress Tree

Cypress Tree

*Tidewater Red Cypress is chemically inert, imparting neither color, taste, nor odor to products coming in contact with it. Food manufacturers, breweries, wineries, and others wishing to avoid contamination use cypress for tanks, vats, and tubs to preserve the delicate flavor and value of their products.

*Tidewater Red Cypress is famous for its fine texture and beautiful grain.  Its natural light color presents a pleasing appearance for natural finishes.  The wood has minimal checking, twisting and warping.  It has been choice of many architects including Frank Lloyd Wright and builders for its distinctive look and durability since the early development of our country.