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History of BK Cypress Log Homes

The family of Buren Brice, co-founder of what is today BK Cypress, began with what are known as portable saw mills traveling from swamp to swamp harvesting cypress trees.

There was a transition from harvesting to manufacturing.  In the 1950s several types of crates were produced at our current Bronson, Florida location to include beverage crates and citrus crates.

There was a shift in the crate industry as plastics became the dominant material for manufacturing over cypress wood. Jim Keeton and Buren Brice realized the shift and also recognized that cypress could be used in log home manufacturing.

In the late 1970s, Mr. Brice and Mr. Keeton saw an opportunity to culminate their idea of cypress usage within the log home industry which was then in it’s infancy.

Sadly, while instructing UF students on how to plan cypress trees, Buren Brice passed away of a massive heart attack. He died doing what he loved best; working and promoting the cypress industry.  His dedication and influence lives on in his family and now through you as you have decided to represent B K Cypress Log Homes and the fine materials we manufacture.

To our knowledge, we are the only cypress manufacturer active in the reforestation of cypress trees.  Buren Brice began our current emphasis and good practices for conservation and reforestation.

Just so you know:
The “B” in BK Cypress is for Brice (Buren Brice)
The “K” in BK Cypress is for Keeton (Jim Keeton)