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It starts with a dream

It starts with a dream

Maybe it was a lovely family vacation in the mountains, or perhaps it was a log home magazine or website. Regardless of your log home journey, it all starts with a dream.

One of the key elements for any home owner planning a custom program is to have a good idea about your budget, what is the total dollar amount you feel comfortable with when building your log home. Currently build out costs are running between $135 per square foot under roof to $250 per square foot under roof in the Southeastern United States. In some parts of the United States, the costs could be higher. So using the above if you are looking at building a 2000 square foot home, then your total build out costs (includes everything except your land cost) would run between $270,000 to $500,000.

Before you start the design of your home, here are some ideas to help you when you meet with your home adviser and the BK design staff.
1) Have some exact dimensions of key rooms in your home you want to design. How big does your bedroom need to be? Your walk in closets? How big do you want your kitchen? What areas of the home are most important to you?

2) Scan the log home magazines and books and look for design elements that you really like. Look for exterior views of log homes that you like. Remember that the design process is the most important part of the log home or timber home process. Our designers want to get the design just right for you, so knowing what you like and dislike is very important.

Let us help you on your log home journey!

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